You are not only allowing someone into your home but just as importantly you are entrusting them with the care and safety of your furry family. That's why I am offering this service as I know there are many people in need as I have been in the past.
It is also for selfish reasons, as I am a huge animal lover, I adore them all. However my real passion is for dogs, I am besotted with them. I always say they are my favourite people!
I also really enjoy walking for miles. So combine those together and I am in hog's heaven. How many people get to say that they love their job and look forward to seeing their clients everyday!
I am just starting up and hope that it will grow by referrals and word of mouth when people see the care and love their animals receive from me.
I have very high standards and expect others to have the same but time and time again people don't show up when they should or worse, not at all. That won't happen with me, you can be assured I will always contact you if I have a problem or concerns about your pets.


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